C/C++ Users Journal, dead. Dr. Dobbs next?

So with the February 2006 issue C/C++ Users Journal folded. Wil at Channel 9 reports that the note on his last issue read:

“For nearly 30 years, the C/C++ Users Journal has provided resources and information to serve the constantly evolving community of C and C++ developers.  [ ... blah, blah, blah ... ] What this means is that you are holding in your hands the last issue of the C/C++ Users Journal.  As a result, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, which has published C and C++ articles ranging from the days of Small-C to C++, will expand its coverage of these important programming languages even more.”

Okay so Dr. Dobbs will get bigger, right? The February 2006 issue of DDJ was 80 pages. The April 2006 issue, having absorbed all that CUJ content is now a whopping, wait for it, 60 pages.

My bet: Dr. Dobbs Journal will “Byte” it within a year.

3 Responses to “C/C++ Users Journal, dead. Dr. Dobbs next?”

  1. Don Pratt Says:

    Unfortunately, I think you’re right. I’ve been a DDJ subscriber for longer than I can remember, but I called them this morning to cancel my subscription – paid thru March 2009.
    I’ve let several free subscriptions to Software Development lapse because I didn’t think it was even worth browsing. Now, DDJ has morphed into SD. I used to read DDJ cover to cover. With the latest issue (July 2006), I find myself reading around 30%.
    It really is a shame. DDJ deserved better than this.

  2. Jeff Wilson Says:

    Yes, it is a shame. Even I find reading the new DDJ unrewarding, and I’m a marketing weenie!

    Most annoying department is the “Dewar’s Profiles” section, wherein DDJ writes flattering but useless things about people who write code and manage data systems. Never mind SD. That is a flattering comparison: DDJ is morphing into InfoWeek.

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