Gimpel Bug of the Month

In Dr. Dobbs and C/C++ Users Journal every month is a small ad for Gimpel Software’s PC-Lint where they present their “Bug of the Month” – a tough to find C/C++ bug that they use to demonstrate bugs that PC-Lint can help you find.

A coworker told me that the first thing he does when he gets a new issue of C/C++ Users Journal each month is flip through and find this ad and see if he can figure out the bug.

After years of doing anything but C++, for the last year I have been doing a Win32 application that will ship as part of Vista so I’ve started to work these puzzles too.

I admit, I usually have to actually code them up to find the issue but it really helps improve C/C++ skills. These also can make great interview questions.

Fortunately, when I get stuck, they give the answer on their site.

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