There has been a wave of Warhammer 40K modeling and game playing sweeping my place of employment lately. A common scale is what is called “25 mm” and is taken as 1:72 scale.

I think the methods routine in this modeling genre can be really effective for HO modeling. I found a horse that no one wanted and decided to do some painting.

Step four - all done

I went for a softer, to my eye, more realistic look. Here’s how I did it:

First I assembled and primed the model.

step one: primer

The detail in the castings is really impressive.

step one: primer

Next I roughed in the main colors.

Step two: rough broad colors

I detailed the edges and details like the harness. I used a dark wash of Burnt Umber followed by highlighting with white or light brown (depending on what I was edging).

Picture 001

Lastly, I used Dullcote and Polly S “Dust” to flatten out the shine.

This is not a big model

I did the eyes with a black ball-point pen.

Picture 036

This was really fun and took me about two hours not counting drying time.

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