I recently mentioned to my wife that one of the books that got me interested in small railroads as a child was Dorothy Newell Deane’s 1960 book Sierra Railway, which I found in my grandparents’ library as a child. That original book got lost but it got me thinking so I searched at Amazon and several small booksellers were selling copies for various prices. I chose one seller because they were nearby – in Sacramento.

The book arrived promptly (I’ve had excellent luck buying used books through Amazon). It’s a first-edition and in condition as described by the seller.

Sierra Railway

Then I look inside and see the previous owner has written his name: T. Wurm.

Sierra Railway

T. Wurm, Ted Wurm? Ted Wurm is (was?) a prolific author of many railroad books with most being written in the 1950s and 60s focusing on the history of small western railroads. 

Link: Search for Ted Wurm books at Amazon

I have several books he wrote but I never expected to have one of his personal copies.

2 Responses to “How’d I get Ted Wurm’s book?”

  1. claire Says:

    Hi. I am looking through my copy of this book right now and just googled it to see what came up. It was my grandpa’s. I asked for one of his many train books when he passed and this is the one I got. I’m trying to pick a picture out of it for a possible tattoo. Anyways, enjoy the book :)

  2. Deborah Atwood Says:

    I love this site and the pictures are so good!

    I was born in Chicago and I am 56 years old and love the trains — Deborah

    Also my friends have a new book out—please take a look!

    A new book is out by Kenneth and Mary Lou Reed about Railroad History. They worked real hard on the book and I love it.

    The book is a collection of some of Kenneth’s experiences as a fireman on the Evansville, Indianapolis and Terre Haute line of the New York Central Railroad. I started firing steam engines when I was 18 years old in 1953. It is also a compilation of writings and history of the Evansville and Indianapolis Railroad.

    To learn more go to:


    Thanks Deborah