This blog is a stream of consciousness and occasional unconsciousness from the brain of Daniel Swearingen mostly targeting software engineering but often delving into other associated things I’m doing and thinking about.

Once a jarhead, once an astrophysicist, now maker of fine software products (on a good day). Please see my tediously long curriculum vitae. Lots of buzz words, acronyms, dates and references if you need them. 

I always wanted to be a rocket-scientist. Perhaps fortunately, NASA was winding down when I might have gone that way. I still love being part of a team building and designing things. Anything — one good car out of three junkers. Model planes, trains and automobiles. Kitchen tables, lawn mowers, computers. I especially enjoy designing robust solutions that integrate seemingly incompatible systems.

Computers have always been tools and toys for me. I still have my first computer, bought as a kit in 1980. It was a Sinclair ZX-81 with 2,048 bytes of memory (yes, 2K) costing $200. Since then I have always had a computer handy. I’ve been using the Internet since 1989, back in the bad old days when all we had was Telnet, FTP, and email.

I used to think a 1200-baud modem was fast. I LOVE where all this is going.